Chaka Resorts


Lagos can be a very crazy place to live in and once in a while, you’d need to get away, relax to rejuvenate and refresh. It was on one of those days I stumbled across Chaka Resorts and decided to go there for a staycation.

Chaka Resorts is located at 1, Chaka Road, off Lekki Free Trade Zone Way, Mosayo Beach, Eleko Lagos. The resort is located after Ajah and on the outskirts of Lagos like you’re headed towards Epe.

Chaka Resorts is one of the resorts in Lagos that promotes Nigerian tourism and culture and this is evident in its art and paintings as well as its décor. It is owned by an artist/Photographer and you can tell just by how unique the décor in every room is.

When headed out here, it’s important to be prepared to go the distance. I would advise leaving early especially if you’re coming from the mainland.

To book your stay at Chaka Resorts, you can make your accommodation reservations via phone calls. You can also make daily visits but I’d advise staying over to fully enjoy the premises.

Room Prices start at N30,000 for their standard room. The room is ensuite with a view of the resort to look forward to when you wake up each morning.

My Favourite thing about Chaka Resort is the beach. With tall palm trees and a relaxation spot, you can just sit back and feel the breeze on your face and hear the waves of the ocean.

There are also two swimming pools at Chaka Resort. A small circular one and a large rectangular one. The pool is cleaned every morning and properly tended to.

There are not too many activities here as Chaka Resort is more of a relaxation centre where you sleep, eat and just chill.

I will also advise that you bring all your essentials when coming as there is no avenue to purchase even the most minute things like toothbrush, toothpaste etc. so you must endeavour to come prepared. I will also strongly advise coming with a few snacks you can nibble on in the event the meals do not come on time.

My time here was okay with specific thanks to a lovely lady called Ore. She ensured we were well taken care of and attended to even when the other staff weren’t very attentive.

I believe some things could’ve been handled much better especially with staff attitude in answering questions and general customer service but all in all, Chaka Resorts will always remain a special place for me as I received a very pleasant surprise here!

Will I recommend this place for you?


With Fiery Love,