Eleko Beach


Hey guys!

It’s another Beach Review!!!

Today, we’re talking about Eleko Beach, Lagos.

Eleko beach pened in 1989 as a serene and private beach in the Lekki Peninsula, about 30 miles east of the Lagos Island. Away from the hustles and bustles of the metropolis, it usually has an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity.

It is a private beach which offers a serene retreat from the everyday hassle of a city lifestyle. It is perfect for time out with friends, personal getaway or great time with kids.
First thing I’d say is this trip is not for the weary hearted. You should be prepared for the journey here as it’s way past Ajah. However, if you love to enjoy the serenity and calmness of the beach without the Lagos crowd, this place is for you.

Entering into the premises will require a “fee” which starts from about N500 upwards but is mostly not specific and totally depends on your bargaining skills. The parking fee is N500 and we were told to pay N16,000 for the cabins and we ended up paying N6,000. I’d definitely advise you visit with a great bargainer!

The Cabin also comes with a front view hut. It’s much more advisable to come with your own food and drinks.
Great relaxation spot for a fun day out!

With Fiery Love,