Happy New Year

Whoop, Whoop it’s 2018 guys!!!!!!

Happy New Year

I wish you all so much love and laughter this year.

This year, i would be taking my writing much more seriously and as a result, i will be taking up the 365 days writing challenge on The Daily Post’s site.

I put it up here so i can remind myself whenever i get tired and want to give up.

Enjoy today’s post


5, 4, 3, 2, 1….

I watched as the the clock counted down into the new year.  I opened my eyes and then it suddenly dawned on me that i had been crying.

The past year had been so overwhelming and i was just grateful to have made it through.

I was exactly where i wanted to be; In Church giving praises.

2017 came with a lot of lessons and i thought to share some with you.

  1. Put your money where your art is. Your passion should be your greatest investment. Believing in yourself means investing in yourself. You do not always have to own the most expensive things. Take a course, read a book. just invest in yourself.
  2. No limitations- Dream big, Dream wide and go get it. No time for excuses.
  3. Not everyone will see your vision but do not be upset. For this reason, you will do so many things alone. They might call you crazy or stupid but irrespective of whoever doubts you, your dreams are valid.
  4. Friends will disappoint you. The people you thought would always be there for you will fail you at some point. Some friends will break promises and even break your heart but do not hold it against them. The human nature is ordinarily selfish therefore, no one is perfect. Some will only remember you when they need a favor from you. Don’t be upset, be glad you’re a solution provider.
  5. You will be misunderstood. Not everyone will understand the way your mind or heart works, not even those you expected should. People will project their insecurities and frustrations on you. Rise above it and continue being who you are.
  6. Live, Laugh, Love. Life is too short to live walking on eggshells. Travel, try new foods, take a dance lesson, laugh often and take lots of pictures.
  7. Family is everything. By family, i do not mean just blood relations but those people who have stuck with you through it all. Appreciate them and always tell them how much you love them. It took losing someone dear this year for me to realize that. Do not wait until its too late. Just do it today.

And on this note, I am ready to take on 2018.

I hope you all are too.




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