I Hate Love Stories 

Hey guys,

It’s been ages, I apologize for my absence from the blog.

Law School’s a wrap now so I promise to be much more committed to writing.

Today’s post began as one of those funny conversations you have with a friend that generates into a write up you didn’t intend .

It was written by myself and @sugarush of www.irishsugar.wordpress.com



Who invented fairytales?

Why were we suffocated with so much tales of love?

From Cinderella, Sleeping beauty, Rapunzel, snow white and then my personal favorite, Mulan.

Why is Prince Charming the perfect guy who gives the kiss of life, saves your shoe and will go round the “whole of Lagos” asking every club owner if they saw the girl who wore an imitation of loubotin heels chipped underneath?

It doesn’t stop there.

They also show us a boy who would climb through towers to rescue you. One who would kiss you and all your worries would melt away.

But sadly, here we are Left to deal with the Yoruba demons of this world. If they were only Yoruba demons we would study them, understand and learn to deal with them.

But how do you cope when there are variations from “Yoruba demons” to “Igbo life changers,” “Hausa tie you down boys,” “I just got back boys”, “No future ambition boys,” “I live close to the airport so I have an accent boys”, “the club is my second home boys”, “Mr Flip the Script”, “Mr Insecure”, “Mr Panel Beater” and the deadliest of them all, “Mr I have a bit of all these traits”.

How do we translate all the hopes, dreams and the goose bumps these fantasy men have given us when I can’t even get you to reply my text without holding a gun to your head?

When I call you, I have to call incessantly five times to get you to pick up your godamn phone and when I catch you cheating, you ask me why I’m home early from work because well that is more important than the naked woman in bed lying next to you.

Heh, who am I to assume that you will have common sense?

Call me angry, No sit there in your room and call me angry and bitter. Act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. Like that brother that told you he can’t live without you isn’t breathing air with that chic he told you was “just a friend”.

It’s much harder now because we aren’t only competing against flesh and blood but against spiritual powers in high places.

Love stories in the movies are pretty easy. Boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, boy and girl live happily ever after.

But that’s not how it goes in real life, nobody ever prepares you for the truth about love; the constant compromise, sacrifice and maturity that comes with love.

Nobody prepares you for what’s after the happily ever after. So we all at some point walk into relationships with idealistic expectations and scurry faster than a thief who’s been caught in the act.?

Love in real life is hard work not some high school musical remake with both lovers jumping on and off tables.

I hope that someday we all experience that truly wonderful, REALISTIC love. That would be a tale worth sharing.

However, I still and would probably always HATE Love stories.