Teacher’s Pet

Often times during conversations with friends, we talk about the various teachers that taught us growing up.

We tease one another on just how hard we were grilled in order to deliver on certain tasks. As I write this, my mind drifts fondly to those days.

I will be eternally grateful to my Literature and government teachers.

My literature teacher always made sure I was on top of my game. She will never take an essay less than two pages from me on any topic neither will give me a pass for not reading ahead of the class.

She would always call on me to answer questions and “having no idea” was never an option.

Looking back, I think that began the journey to my falling in love with writing and literary appreciation.

I write today and it’s all because of her.

My government teacher on the other hand made me very keen on political topics. I could define the systems of government from my sleep without breaking a sweat. He would always expect a certain score in my tests and exams.

Getting anything below that meant I was going to have a one on one session with him. Because of him, I have diverse interests and hope to change my world from my immediate environment.

It’s funny how you never realize the impact the smallest gestures make until you look back.

In hindsight, I would have it no another way.

I would be a teacher’s pet over and over again.




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