If Only

To those who have loved, those who weren’t bold enough to love and those who were loved but lost that love along the way!!
In the end, all that really matters are the people we loved,how they loved us back and the things we did for such love!!
The worst fate is to live a life without love.
So guys love deeply and truly. Without further ado, I present to you;
If only time’s winged Chariot never passed too quickly
If only I could flicker through time and pause or rewind it
If only I had said the things I ought to
If only I could see you hold me in your eyes once again
A century away it seems; that time when you once called me ‘yours’
From random greetings and conversations, our love story blossomed
Just like the Hibiscus flower at summer’s first smile
I was yours and you were mine
But my thoughts were never in line
Scared of my feelings and the hurt it could do,
I tried to keep it at bay
You expressed it; I suppressed it
You protected it; I neglected it
Without the proper attention, it withered away
Love is life; it must be kept alive
Love you; that I did
But a coward I was to own up to it
So I let it slide and acted like it was alright
When my insides cried out with all their might
We’ve seized to be; now I wonder if we’d ever still be
A veil has been lifted and I see clearer than ever
A thunderstorm of emotions drowning me after your exit
We see each other but it’s not as it was
An empty glance and a cold shoulder is all I get from you
It’s almost like we never happened
So I sit here by my window acutely aware that it’s time to let go as I watch you Slipping away from me;
Longing for you, yearning for that which I had so foolishly rejected and repeating to myself; if only…

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