Love, Growth, Shade


Today i sat down and decided to narrow down the things i value into three words and what i came up with were; love, growth and shade.

As individuals we all need to love one another. A little act of kindness goes a long way not just to those we know but to those who have nothing to give us in return. We need the kind of love that supports, keeps no account of wrongdoings and will always be there regardless of the circumstances.

Love is the greatest gift anyone can receive. Sometimes, our experiences make us bitter or retract into our shells. However, the most valuable lesson i have learnt is not to be defined by our past.

We are not the mistakes we made in our youth. We are not defined by what any of our parents did. We are not defined by their mistakes or bad habits. We define our own paths and decide where it takes us. All we need is a little more faith in the process and our journey.

So let go and let love rule.

I love growth in its entirety. The possibility of creating something from nothing and watching it blossom is the most beautiful experience. But growth does not just happen. Just as plants need water and sunlight, the human mind needs to be constantly updated and monitored. This means pushing and fighting hard for your dreams and not just walking on the sidelines. It also means increase in all aspects of one’s life; spiritually, socially, mentally, emotionally etc.

This is why one should be very particular about energies or vibes. It is great to always be in a productive environment. Watch the attitude of those who surround you. They should challenge or motivate you to be a better person.  It is not worth it if all your relationship brings is unnecessary drama or mind games. You need people who are going on the same journey with you or have a vision in par with you.

In other words, align with people of like purpose who understand your need.

You need to watch it!!!!

Just as you tend and nurture yourself, you need to help others grow as well.

Shade is my third and final word. This depicts protection and shelter in a time of discomfort. Times will come in life when trials and tribulations come and those who surround you will be your ”shade.”

These are the friends or family who you can always depend on. The ones who will always be there to support you and get you through that tight spot. It is not just enough to expect shade but to also be a shade to others when they need it.

To me, when all these three are present, Life is nothing but a beautiful journey.




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