Much Ado about Resolutions

Hey guys

Welcome to today’s post.

If there’s one thing synonymous to the new year, it has got to be new year resolutions.

We make them all the time. That’s when you begin to hear things like “new year, new me”


And then by the end of the year, most times we still wouldn’t have achieved or done much.

There’s been a lot of cynicism around new year resolutions with people believing they are just a waste of time.

I used to have the problem of ticking off most of the things I set out to do yearly till I figured out an easier way.

Personally, I think new year resolutions are great. It’s very important to live purposefully i.e have a plan for your life.

Your new year resolutions should always have a timeline. List out your goals or objectives and put an expiration date on them all.

To make it easier, you can divide them into each quarter of the year that way you’re able to monitor and rate yourself.

So that’s my new year resolution tip.

I hope it makes a difference. It’s as easy as ABC, I hope you agree.




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