Rich Women Won’t Get Husbands

I was scrolling through my timeline on Twitter when I saw this particular tweet.

I would be mincing words if I said I only cringed after I finished reading it.

As hilarious and absolutely ridiculous as this might sound, it is the reality of the world I live in.

It just reminded me of a similar experience I had earlier this year. I went to sort out my clearance issues at the NYSC office and I began speaking with some officials.

They joked around and started teasing me on when I would love to get married.

I told them that wasn’t in my books for this year as I had other plans to focus on.

Then they said like what?

“Go after my dreams,” I replied.

And in the most condescending manner, they told me;

Don’t you know no man would marry a rich woman?”You better marry now so that you won’t be rich and alone”

Then they all burst out laughing.

I spent the next thirty minutes giving them a piece of my mind as I was beyond livid.

As I write this I wonder where we all got it wrong.

Where, when and how did we set these standards for young women?

Why are we taught that marriage is the ultimate goal?

Why does society preach marriage as a form of social validation ostracizing those who are single.

I see young girls my age or those even younger than me with no concrete plan or goals for their lives.

All they want to do is finish school and get a rich husband and settle down.

When did a man become a source of income or a job?

Why am I continuously reminded on how important it is to be a good wife, submissive, loving & and an even better mother?

But my male counterpart is given no lecture on how to be a good husband because anything goes I guess.

I personally would love to be married but I don’t see that as my ultimate goal.

I believe we are all on earth to fulfill our God given purpose and impact our world most especially those around us.

I wouldn’t even want to be with anyone who feels threatened by my Success or is insecure that I have ambition.

I am so much more than the tag or title; MRS!!!!

I have come to love and respect myself and any man who wants to be with me will have to do the same.

As young women, our dreams are valid and we would fervently go in its pursuit.

So Future Hubby, I hope that’s good enough for you.