How She had loved it back then, it was everything to her.

She carried it around like a dog tag. There it lay, proof of what they once had been. With him, there were no words accurate enough to convey the depth of her feelings.

She was “herself” and to bask in the warmth of his smile while he “held” her in his eyes was everything & more to her.

Oh how she loved and adored him, if he had been a god, she would’ve forever worshipped him.

Lost in this euphoria, she wasn’t prepared for what came next. The chilly winds that ensued left her at loss for words.

The cold, long sleepless nights, the continuous “scarring”of her make up, he cut her wide open like landscape.

At some point, She was almost certain this bleakness would be the end of her. Food and herself were “at war.” She was gradually “fading away” in all outfits.

She was a mess; inside and out. She needed help to comprehend the whirlwind of emotions that had overtaken her. She kept searching for a “sweet surrender”.

How often she was called silly to have entrusted that “fragile little part” of her to him but I guess the joke’s on her since that “psycho”, Cupid “shot” only one of them.

Without him to hold, She was freezing, gradually loosing it till She became a shadow of herself. So she became the “Ice Queen” tending to her new “absolute zero” nature.

But today, She doesn’t know how it happened but she’s laughing more, she’s living, loving and enjoying every single minute of it.

Funny how she thought she couldn’t do all this without him. She was stronger than the hurt, stronger than the anger & pain. She had almost forgotten what a fighter she was.

Right this minute, she feels a certain warmth rushing through her veins. She is ready to live and love again.

That which was frozen has begun to thaw, Summer is finally here….



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