Sonnet 1: PAIN

Hello Everyone,

It is my birthday today and in celebration of this special day, I will be writing Three Sonnets of gratitude by the end of the week.

Each one would highlight a concept that I have come to appreciate over the years.

So don’t forget to check in this week guys.


I love that you remind me that I am human

You have taught me strength, Lodged me with perseverance and hope

Though oftentimes I mope

Your lessons have transformed me into a better man

The folly of trusting in men; their words are laced with deceit

Ever promising but lacking depth

In disappointment, I had often wept

on the couch in my living room suite

But I have grown very fond of you

I have experienced you in all your forms;

Loss, disappointment and a shattered heart

So I understand you are that which we pull through

Very fleeting; but you reform

You are but a rare work of art







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