Sonnet 2: Love

Hey guys!!!

The second sonnet is finally here. I’m sorry it took longer than expected.

Life has been keeping me pretty occupied.



It is the greatest force of all

That which can drive you utterly insane & yet keep you calm

A disease that engulfs like wildfire

Love is constant sacrifice & compromise

Love is the way you look at me; It is the taste of your lips

Love is the sound of your laughter

Love is that quirky thing you do with your pointed nose

Love is that tingling sensation when my fingers are lost in yours

Love is what we make when our bodies collide

Love is struggling, striving & sticking with you

Love is missing you when you’re gone

Love is bringing me flowers even when I’ve forgotten your name

Love is the mighty risk I took, turns out it was God’s gift to me

So you see, Love is you!




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