Tales from Obubra-Day 3

All my life, I have known that oil and water do not mix but I learnt otherwise today.

Here, water and oil are like peas in a pod. The water is oily and milky brown in color. God bless the person who invented dettol, it’s been my saving grace.

On a brighter note, I have always wondered how whistle blowers to politicians felt and I guess I will be finding out very soon. I will be joining the Obubra whistle blowing academy for my hostel 😂😂😂

There’s a reward for anyone who whistle blows those that “shot put” (stool inside nylon bags and throw it into the bushes) or pee in the bushes around the hostel. The price money is N1,000.

Small you might say but let’s picture this. Say I catch 5 people a day, that’s 5,000. Five thousand times 7 Days is 35,000.

I just might be making a career shift 😂😂😂😂😂

Word of caution for future corpers- Please RESPECT your generation. Do not come to camp with braids that are long enough to “sweep men off their feet.” There’s nothing as embarrassing as hearing

“Mama why is your hair this long??” And then having to explain to your command with everyone waiting for your explanation.


If there were a snoring contest in my room, there will be no winner. It’s like having a choir of snorers; different notes, pitches and keys. When one takes it a notch lower, another takes it two notches higher and I’m like;

PS: Sunday is officially my favorite day. No morning drills, I slept for more than 5 hours today and evening drills were for just 30 minutes.

There is a God in Heaven.



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