Tales from Obubra-Day 4

There’s a reason for everything under the sun I’ve been told. Today, I finally agree.

Since I got here, I have been wondering why God sent me to this place and I finally realize it. God is preparing me for life outside the country 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Harmattan is here in Obubra and it’s crazy cold. The fog this morning covered everywhere and it was almost impossible to see or do anything.

For a minute, I woke up thinking I was somewhere in the States but by the time I spent 10 minutes awake, I realized I’m still stuck somewhere in Obubra.

Then it dawned on me; this is a sign from God and I’m ready to claim it. So I’m currently checking online for really nice winter jackets I would love to have.

Judge me not; I walk by faith not by sight. Obubra today, New York tomorrow.

I am ready Lord!!!!

Trust me when I say there’s no greater heartache than buying Egg-roll, getting to the middle to find something that’s not egg but a semblance of it.

It was at that moment I realized I’ve been robbed.

There’s no functioning ATM here and some guys have POS machines where your card is charged and they give you cash.

However, these guys take 10% of the total sum you collect. I wonder why they want to compete with God. So For my stay here, I will now pay “tithes” twice a month.

Do not be silent o Lord my God!!!!

My plan to be invisible in my platoon didn’t go as planned. I was called out today by my command and some other team members. That was how I became a member of the Naija dance team.

I was so terrified we would disgrace our unborn children but we did well for a team that had its first rehearsal this evening.

So I’m here popping collar and feeling like a rockstar.



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