Tales from Obubra-Day 5

It is official. Today was from the pits of hell fire!!

I woke up this morning with body pains, sore throat, cough and catarrh probably from all the stress of recent days.

I still had to be ready for the parade at 6am.

I spent five hours in a lecture under the sun as there wasn’t enough space. I had to continuously watch as full grown boys and girls were taught how to differentiate between their left and right when marching.

Uncle, Aunty, didn’t you go to school?

They could not get it together and we had to suffer for it redoing it with the sun constantly reminding me why its hot.

Like that was not bad enough, i spent some time doing ‘squats.’ We got out of my room few minutes late because we were trying to get water to bathe and we were rewarded with intensive squat drills.

I thought i was going to faint. I got up walking like this:

I hereby solemnly swear to never disrespect any officer. Their level of tolerance and endurance of pain is remarkable.

To round up an already miserable day, we got back to our rooms this evening and all our beds were soaked in water, as in dripping soaked in water!!!! It was some form of drilling.

I am almost in tears!!!

All i just want to say is NYSC please, I am somebody’s daughter!!





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