Tales from Obubra-Day 7

Happy New Month Everyone.


Thank you all for sticking around.

Today, I was sanitation duty and I must admit that;

I was really surprised at the kinds of things we had to pick and clean up!!

Some people really deserve judgement here on earth. With the number of slay queens with popping “highlights” and “contours”, I thought they will know how to properly use toilets but I was wrong to assume.

I blame myself though, I should’ve taken my whistle blowing career a bit more seriously.

This is hereby a call for all professional whistle blowers with a minimum of two years experience. You should’ve amassed for yourself the sum of at least 1 Million Naira with proof of such acquisition.

Also come along with a two page essay of why you should be selected, birth certificate, proof of your current place of accommodation (just Incase you decide to run away with my money) and two reference letters from previous employers.

Profit will however be shared 50/50.

These terms are not negotiable

PS: I’m Sorry today’s post is late, Man’s been ill since yesterday.



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