Tales from Obubra

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I’m going to be sharing my experience during orientation camp with you all as I obey the Clarion call of being a Youth Corper.

I’m titling this series #TalesfromObubra



“State of Deployment- Cross-River”

My eyes must definitely be playing a joke on me. There’s no way in hell I’m going to that place. These were the thoughts going on in my head as I saw my call up letter.

The reality of leaving didn’t hit me till my feet touched the ground of the Margaret Ekpo Airport, Calabar. I felt completely and totally alone!!

I got into Calabar on Wednesday, 22nd November at exactly 4:30pm. I spent the night in Calabar and proceeded to the NYSC permanent orientation camp in Obubra, Cross-River.

And so my story begins…

Day 1

I was up at 5am as I had to be at the park for 6am. I got to the park at exactly 6am and met other corpers (3 girls and 2 guys) headed to camp. I negotiated with the driver and got into the vehicle.

I learnt the following lessons that day;

1. A Calabar man must always sit by the window- the window seat had already been reserved for one of the girls and then this guy shows up to board the vehicle. The girl tells him to go inside while she sits by the window and one “madam” from the front goes “tah don’t you know that’s an abomination? Calabar men don’t follow women”

I was shook. Aunty it’s just a car seat I wanted to say but i guess we learn everyday.

2. Never believe the Distance anyone tells you about a proposed trip- the trip to Obubra will take between 2-3 hours, I was told. People of God, that journey took 6 hours 30 minutes. We didn’t get into town until about 1:30pm from 7am that we left. I was told “Obubra isn’t too far” only for me to discover that I share borders with Cameroon.

3. The sight of a military man with a stick shall humble you– I got to the Camp gate and because we arrived late, we had to carry our luggage on our heads. At first, I was getting ready to speak English. This law degree would be a waste if I don’t defend myself. But when I saw the stick he held and how scary the officer looked, I carried my luggage on my head just as Jesus carried his cross.

4. Always travel with a back up sim– I arrived at the camp and 9mobile had no service throughout. There was no single signal. And so there I was in a new town; friendless, network-less coupled with no light in a room that didn’t have proper ventilation.

Join me tomorrow to keep up.



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