The 805 Experience

Hey guys!!!!

It’s time for some foodie action!!

Earlier this week, a dear colleague/friend of mine had her birthday and my boss was so gracious enough to take us out for dinner.

It took quite some time to decide on what where we wanted to go till we finally settled for 805 restaurant.

We wanted to have good African Cuisine in a nice, cozy environment.

The first thing I noticed on entering was how neat it was.

The art was minimal but I particular loved this picture by the entrance of the toilet.

We sat down and decided to place our orders.

The menu has a variety of dishes and drinks.

We began with Chicken Wings and some Punch and our order came with complimentary puff puff.

It was at this exact moment I realized I had fallen in love

For my main dish, I had pounded yam and Afang soup with Chicken. Others had Pounded yam as well with Ofe nsala, Afang or Okro with my boss being the only one who had starch.

Our meals were a beautiful display of colors

I know what you might be thinking, the swallow looks small but the remarkable thing was that as I began to eat, the meal refused to finish.

The only low of the evening was that the toilets were slightly messy but asides from that, it was a great evening.

Their service was great and the waiters always made sure we were always comfortable and didn’t need anything.

At the end of the meal, I particularly loved the pink water in the washing hand bowl

In totality, it was a great evening with lots of food, laughs and merriment

I would definitely visit again.



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