To Me at Sixteen

sweet sixteen

Ever looked back on your life and wished you had known certain things about life that you know now?

Your teenage years are the best years of your life to explore and to try to figure out your path in life.

If i could speak to myself at sixteen, i would’ve loved to tell myself the following:

1. You are allowed to make a few mistakes. There is still so much time to figure out your life. Live a little and Take risks.

2. You will never have it all figured out. Life really does come in stages and the answers to each question you seek comes as you surpass every stage in your life

3. You have no clue as to what ”true love” really means. You can only love and share your life with another when you have fully come into knowing and owning who you are

4. Be open minded to learn and try out new things. You never know when you will catch the wave to change your life

5. Never say never. You never know what you are capable of until you are faced with a particular situation.

6. You will win some and you will lose so much more. its okay to fail as long as you don’t give up

7. You do not need validation from anyone but yourself. You are and would always be more than enough.

8. Give yourself to only those deserving of you.

9. You control your happiness. Give no one else that power.




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